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How often should I get my house washed?
Personal preference, as well as the amount of trees and direct sunlight around the house, play a part in this answer. Some houses look fine if they are only washed every two to three years, some require it on a yearly basis.

I have lots of green mold on one side of my house, will this come off?
Yes, most likely it is on the side of your house that's facing North. This side gets the least amount of sun. It will look great guaranteed!

I have a rust stain on the Stucco of my house, will this come off?
It depends, we do not guarantee to be able to remove these types of stains, we can hope that you will see a satisfied improvement of the stain.

When is the best time to get my house washed?
There is no best time of the year to get your house, deck etc. washed. If it doesn't look fresh to you, give us a call. Our services are available all year long!

How long should I wait to paint after my (wooden) fence or deck has been washed?

One good dry day during the summer or two good dry days in the spring or fall will be sufficient.

Do you stain or paint after you wash?
No, we do not, but we can refer you to someone who can.

They are calling for rain on the day I am scheduled, will you still do the job or reschedule?
Yes, unless they are calling for torrential downpours or lightning we will still be there.

Do you give discounts when doing multiple jobs on the same street?
Sometimes, please call for more info.

How much does it cost?
Prices vary due to the size of the house, deck, garage etc. Grading around the property will also play a role in pricing due to the amount of work that is required by ladders. The average 2 story Colonial starts around $300. Free estimates are available and we will physically come to your location to give you an exact price or we can give you a ball park price over the phone or through email.

Will you use my water or do you bring your own?
Yes, we will hook up to your outside faucet. Please be sure that your water is turned on. If water is not available at your location, please advise us in advance so that other arrangements can be made.

Will the pressure of the water damage my home or things?
Absolutely not! We use only low-pressure wash systems with most of our cleaning and guarantee not to damage any of your property.

Do I need to be home?
No. We will contact you the evening before you are scheduled to let you know approximately what time we will arrive. At that point we will make arrangements for payment. Payment is due upon completion of the work.

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